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History of All-Ukrainian public organization

“Ukrainian Dental Implantologists Association ”
Uhryn M.M., Zablotskyy Y.V., Los V.V., Sidelnikov P.V., Prytula O.M.

       The idea of combining specialists from Ukraine arose in the early 90's, after Ukrainian independence. These specialists have used in their practice method of dental implant treatment. By that time the interest to dental implant treatment has been intensified. Number of doctors who used this technique in their practice have increased. The Ukrainian implant systems have appeared. Numerous foreign types of implants were recorded. At conferences were often reports on the problems of dental implant treatment were often heard. Thematic courses and scientific research of dental implant treatment were conducted. It became possible to participate in the international conferences, to attend courses of leading experts of the world and to receive specialized literature.

      But along with these numerous questions concerning implementation of dental practice in dental implant treatment have appeared. It was necessary a streamline legal framework for regulation the activity of specialist, who uses in his practice the method of dental implant treatment. The question concerning introduction hours in dental implant treatment to the faculty program research and postgraduate education.The question of inclusion in the qualification characteristics of specialists the manipulation associated with the use of dental implant treatment. This method should have the clear definition of who is eligible in dental implant treatment or to be more precise it’s different stages. The question about the method among other types of medical care. The priority among other methods to solve specific clinical situations, standards and protocols of dental implant treatment. The question of reliable statistics as a basis forecasting and issue “guarantee”.

     Questions about: cooperation between specialists; level of interference during dental implant treatment; compliance training; cooperation of specialist to different levels of dental implant treatment intervention; preoperative examination; required medication support; necessary conditions and equipment; type of prosthetic construction; priority of dental implant treatment protocols during dental defects replacement and complete teeth absence, based on reliable statistics and remote results; recommended, optimal or minimum number, length and diameter of implants in certain clinical situations; frequency of postoperative examination; reviewing terms of existing constructions and their replacement; using of dental implant treatment in other spheres of dentistry, such as periodontics, orthodontics, cranio-maxillo-facial surgery; multidisciplinary approach to the problems of dental implant treatment.

     Besides highly specialized questions (associated with the usage of dental implant treatment) there are number questions and problems. These questions belong to the general dentistry and all the specialists, who works in this sphere. Therefore the decision of creation dental implant section (than National Ukrainian Association the “Ukrainian Dental Implantologists Association”) always emphasized the necessity for active member’s participation in section (the Association) implantologists in the Ukrainian Dentists Association. This idea was supported by UDA – academician Danilevskyy M.F. He has accepted the idea of specialized sections creation and its significance very well. We will be always grateful to him for that.

pic. 1 Academician Danilevskyy M.F. during the first East-European Conference. It was dedicated to the problems of dental implant treatment in the DITPC “MM” (Dental Implant Treatment and Prosthetics Center). Together with the colonel of medical service Kamalov R.H. and Dr. Tokarskyy V.F.

     In March 13, 1999, during the Second International Scientific Conference entitled the “Actual problems of the dental implant treatment” it was decided to organize the “Dental implantology” section. There were registered 144 participants from 18 regions of Ukraine.

pic. 2 Protocols of the Ukrainian Dentists Association participants at the Second International Scientific Conference about the “Dental implantology” section creation.

pic. 3 The first UDA board meetings of dental implantology section.

     In 1-3 December, 1999, during I (VIII) UDA Congress the separate section “Dental implatology” was held for the first time. Reports of dental implant treatment topical questions were announced.

pic. 4 Materials of the I (VIII) Ukrainian Dentist Association Congress. Here is described the section “Dental implantology”.

     Between the first and the second Congresses of UDA number of members have been increased to 1020. They came from all regions of Ukraine. The top questions of that period were implementation of dental offices and dental implant treatment clinics. Courses and supported courses were held by leading specialists of Ukraine. Among them were: Moseiko O.O., Opanasuk Y.V., Opanasuk I.V., Uhryn M., Kalenshuk V. and others. The method of dental implant treatment was one of the first implemented into the practice of dental offices. Practical demonstrations were organized and held by these specialists in various medical institutions. Since 1998 the first operations were carried by Uhryn M.M. in dental clinics: Zablotskyy Y.V. clinic, Bilyk A.Y. clinic, the “Park-Dental” clinic (Nykolyn V.Y. – the head), the “Parodent” clinic (Dereiko L.V. – the head) (Lviv), Sidelnikov P.V. clinic, the “Esli” clinic (Tkashenko V.Y. – the director), the “KElM” clinic Kryzanovskyy V.M. clinic, (Baranovskaya A.K. – the head), the “Dr. Ostapenko O.M. clinic”, the “French Dental Center” (Jean-Jack Bonbearn – the head physician), Dental center “Wintermed” (Vinnitsa), Natadent clinic (Uzhgorod), Dr. Protzyk Clinic, “Slalen” clinic (Kyiv), Dr. Krohyn D.V. clinic, Nevenshanyy I.E. clinic, Nahibina O.B. clinic, Tryfonova L.Y. clinic (Dnipropetrovsk), Shvets O.I. clinic (Zaporizhya). Most of them have become leading specialist in this area. They made great contribution to the development of implantology. For example, Prytula O.M. and Paraskeva Paraskevas together with Uhryn M.M. created the Ukrainian dental implant system U-Impl. Assistant professor Sidelnikov P.V. conducts lectures on implantology in the NMAPE (National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education) named after Shupyk P.L. The key events of 2006 were the first monograph and PhD thesis by Zablotskyy Y.V., dedicated to the problems of dental implant treatment.

pic. 5 The first interventions in: Zablotskyy Y.V. clinic (Lviv), Sidelnikov P.V. clinic (Kyiv), Bilyk A.Y. (Lviv), Krohyn D.V. (Dnipropetrovsk).

     By that time representatives of some foreign companies (implant system manufacturers) expressed interest to Ukraine. In 1988 the company Sudimplant (France) in cooperation with Ukrainian company Oksamat have organized specialized courses, which were held in Ukraine and France. Sudimplant who presented T.B.R. system (prof. Benamu – the author) was one of the first companies which registered their system in the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.


pic. 6 The T.B.R. system company course of Sudimplant in Toulouse (France) held by professor Benamu (picture above) and Michelle Aparis (Ukraine).

     Since 1988 until today considerable interest in implantology and thirsty to knowledge leads Ukrainian doctors for visiting world famous dental implant schools. In particular such as “Brenemark Clinic” in Goteborg (Sweden) and dental implants companies producers. First reports of the possibility for reasoning maxillary sinuses has emerged, it caused considerable interest to the courses and seminars on working with biomaterials.


pic. 7 The course is held by prof. Lekholm.

pic. 8 The course of bone augmentation of jaws (“Brenemark Clinic”, Sweden), held by prof. Karl Kahnberg (“Brenemark Clinic”, Sweden).